Tessa De Ceuninck

two thousand sixteen

-Berlin Label SUPERB recordings just released their new record IASI - Manifest. Get your copy here

- Stampilon Making memories impressive! I made a stamp for this new wonderful online store created by Yves and Sarah! Go and check it out!

two thousand fifteen

-Berlin Label SUPERB recordings keeps on releasing excellent records!They just released their seventh ep: Phil Barbee - Association. The skyblue marbled vinyls are limited to 100 copies. So don't wait to long to get your copy here

Cordella Issue 3: Woven is out now and has some beautiful poems and art and essays that explore our interactions with the stuff of life - clothes and fabric, food and water, our bodies. I'm so happy to have been part of this wonderful issue. Go and check it out!

-Expo: "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"
Sarah Eechaut, Tessa De Ceuninck & Don Verboven Exquisite Objects

Villa De Olmen, Ruimte voor actuele kunst

VERNISSAGE - zon/sun/dim - 8 / 2 - 14:00 – 20:00
13, 14, 15/2 - 11:00 - 17:00
20, 21, 22/2 - 11:00 - 17:00
27, 28/2 - 11:00 - 17:00


Villa De Olmen in Wieze is een ruimte voor actuele kunst in een historisch kader. Kunstenaars worden uitgedaagd een artistieke dialoog aan te gaan met dit historisch kader, namelijk een villa uit het Interbellum. Villa De Olmen is een vrijplaats, waar werk ontwikkeld, getoond en verkocht kan worden. De introductie van jonge kunstenaars wordt afgewisseld met kleinere projecten van meer gevestigde waarden.
De werken van Sarah Eechaut, Tessa De Ceuninck en Don Verboven gaan niet alleen een uitdaging aan met de villa, maar ook met elkaar.
Ook al lijken de werken op het eerste gezicht verschillend, de fotografie van Sarah Eechaut – de collages van Tessa De Ceuninck en de kunstcollectie van Don Verboven, zijn bijzonder verwant door hun uitgepuurde vorm.
Waar in het werk van Sarah Eechaut en Tessa De Ceuninck de suggestie de toon voert, zijn de sculpturen uit de collectie van Don Verboven emotioneel en rijk aan historiek. De werken gaan in gesprek, ze verschillen honderden jaren maar dialogeren meer dan ooit.
Zo ontstaan nieuwe verhalen en interpretaties die de grenzen van de kunstgeschiedenis op het vlak van periodes doorbreken en verbinden.
De expo is gegroeid uit een wederzijdse fascinatie voor elkaars werk, en de zin om de verschillende collecties in een uitzonderlijk ruimte samen te brengen.

- Listen & Build!

The independent electronic music label SUPERB recordings (Berlin) just released their sixth ep. A limited marbled vinyl edition of Abayomi's EP - Build

two thousand fourteen

- Launch of DARK & STORMY 5
a publication by Bart De Baets and Rustan Söderling

For this fifth issue of Dark and Stormy, various artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, a handful of students, an art-critic, a journalist, an architect, a furniture designer, a magazine editor, a curator, a director, a shopkeeper, a PR-maven, a stand-up comedian, an English teacher, a petty cash buyer, a guy who seemed so hard to categorize, we nicknamed him the Professor of Life and a cannibal, were asked to contribute an image and to combine it with their idea of what a caption could be.

-Feel like dancing? The independent electronic music label SUPERB recordings (Berlin) just released their fifth ep: Iasi - Verify. Limited to 100 copies in red marbled vinyl including a print designed by me. You can buy the record & listen to a preview here.

- Made some artwork for the newest project of Mauro Pawlowski - Gruppo Di Pawlowski - together with Jef Cuypers (cover)

Save the date: 19/03!!

TUMULT IN GENT(19/03) at 13b, a new creative platform in Ghent that gives every two months exhibition space to creative people who want to show their creations, try out works in progress or discuss their thoughts and ideas with likewise souls. Visual art, sound art, photography, video, fashion, performances, music, poetry, design … there is no restriction on the media. The main focus of the creative platform is to enhance and stimulate the creative process of thinking and the realization of concepts and ideas by sharing, testing, talking and trying out.

two thousand thirteen

- Last Call for Fortune / IMPULSE — art and music fair
20 December 2013 — 19:00
Arty Party — Molenstraat 64, Aalst

- Hold on to your hats, winter is coming!
And as the nights get darker and the days get stormier, take comfort in the fact that your favourite magazine is still in print with a double sized skin crawling issue of... Dark and Stormy

Launch of DARK & STORMY 4, a zine by Bart de Baets and Rustan Söderling
Friday December 6, 7.30pm—9.30pm at Sans Serriffe bookstore, Amsterdam

- If you love magazines then this is a date to save: 26th of oktober.
Gotta Catch em all / a self published books shop-event at Huis Mortier in Gent.

- Conversations with a stranger is an artistic adventure in human experience. It involves over thirty participants - artists and non-professional - with multidisciplinary art forms, from encounters to lectures and performances. Conversation With A Stranger will take place on 11, 12 and 13 October 2013 at Le Berger Hotel and Laboratory of Contemporary Arts Nadine in the neighborhood of Porte de Namur in Brussels.

-The people of Superb Recordings are even busier than bees. They released two new records with some very nice (summer) dance tunes. Listen and buy them here

-Need of some good dance tunes? The independent electronic music label SUPERB recordings (Berlin) is happy to announce their second vinyl only release: Tom Joyce - Brume de pomme. A limited to 300 copies in black, plus 100 limited advance copies in autumn orange marbled vinyl including a print designed by Tessa De Ceuninck. You can buy the record & listen to a preview on their website.

two thousand twelve

-Feel like dancing? The independent electronic music label SUPERB recordings (Berlin) has released their first ep: IASI - Vision. I made the album artwork. You can buy the record & listen to a preview here.

-I have been chosen as featured artist for the july/august issue of Subbacultcha magazine.
Go and check it out here!

- Take your walkman out and get into the groove with the newly released tapes from Die Urpf Lanze, de Kosmische Keuterboeren and Zashiki Warashi on the Belgian label Sad Coven.
I was asked to make the cover-drawings

- Made some contributions for Werker magazine 3 the domestic issue — a political kitchen calendar which will be launched mid 2012 together with the catalogue of the grand domestic revolution — user's manual, a long term project and exhibition organized by casco, office for design, art and theory in utrecht.

- If you're not busy the 8th of March transforming into a werewolf you should go to the Volle maan maakt gek#3 event. Where 'Listen to them, children of the night' will be shown.
At the DOKkantine in Gent, from 21:00 till 01:00.

two thousand eleven

- My work can be seen in the exhibition Cutting edge women at the Verbeke Foundation.
Vernissage sunday 20th of november at 16.00

- i´m featured on the Shellsuit Zombie´s blog, check it out!

- This is the cover art i made for the Extra sexes "Spiral Mirror" vinyl, coming out next week on Belgian label Smeraldina-Rima. Edition of 300 LPs, cyan & magenta screenprinted sleeve. You can pre-order your copy here!

- Made a contibution to The Excuse zine: a 16 paged zine filled with text & visuals around the universe of “Rising Doom” + Mondkopf's new 4 track-album Day of anger Black. Limited hand numbered edition (1000 units). Get your copy here...

- It's Playtime!... with the wonderful deck of standard gaming cards freshly released by Sleeperhold publications.
I made collages for the numbers 5.

- ‘Slowly we unfold’, a photography exhibition with work from photographer Sarah Eechaut, Distelstraat 30, Ghent, Opening: Sunday May 22 till July 22, 2011

- Soon to come: A night with parallel at the Kim bar in Berlin on the fourth of June. Expo + music

- The Fortune Bookies have arrived. Go and get one before it's too late!

- Jessie Schietecatte is a busy bee. After Gent, her work can also be seen in the exhibition Photocollages at the Verbeke Foundation. Opening expo Sunday the first of May at 14.00

- De Beursschouwburg presents Out Loud! Free concerts and films on the terrace. Starting the first of June till the 25th.
Julie Peeters & Joris Kritis designed a wonderful poster & flyer, i made the illustration.

- Gaat dat zien. De Bever, een voorstelling geïnspireerd op leven en werk van Simone De Beauvoir. Van 15 april tot 23 april op vrijdag en zaterdag om 20u15 in CC Lokeren.

- Stricktly Rabbit presents: Jessie Schietecatte and Sofie Vrancken, opening 8th of April in Ghent, Belgium. Not to miss!!

- Céline Hudréaux asked me to make a poster for the Fortune Bookie she's putting together for Éditions du livre.

-Made a contribution to the newest project of Sleeperhold publications. It's going to be a set of regular gaming cards.
Every cardnumber or sign will be designed by a different artist.

- Collaboration with Paul Elliman & La Gaîté Lyrique. La Gaîte Lyrique is a new venue in Paris dedicated to digital arts and new musics.

- Eise Van Iterson selected some of my images for the 3th issue of Tijdschrift Ei.