Tessa De Ceuninck

Villa ‘De Olmen’ in Wieze is a space for contemporary art in a historical frame. Artists are challenged to enter into a dialogue with this historical frame, namely a villa from between the world wars. Villa De Olmen is a free space, where work can be developed, exhibited and sold. The introduction of young artists is intertwined with smaller projects of more established names.
The works of Sarah Eechaut (Photography), Tessa De Ceuninck (Collage) and Don Verboven (Art collection) do not only take up the challenge with the villa, but also with each other.
The works converse with each other, separated by hundreds of years but dialogueing more than ever.Thus new stories and interpretations are born, which disrupt and reconnect the periodical boundaries of art history.
This exhibition (which opened sunday the 8 of February) originated from a mutual fascination for each other’s work and the desire to bring the different collections together in one exceptional space.