performance & installation

Performance & installation vieuws

Where are you going and where have you been?

This expo took place in 'Villa De Olmen’ in Wieze, a space for contemporary art in a historical frame. Artists are challenged to enter into a dialogue with the villa that was build during the interbellum. Together with Sarah Eechaut (Photography) and Don Verboven (Art collection) did I not only took up the challenge with the villa, but also with the others. The works converse with each other, separated by hundreds of years but dialogueing more than ever. Thus new stories and interpretations are born, which disrupt and reconnect the periodical boundaries of art history.

Conversation with a stranger took place at Hotel Le Berger and Laboratory of Contemporary Arts Nadine in Brussels.

During this weekend, people were invited to enter the hotel on their own. At the reception booth, they were given a random key that opened a door to an unexpected encounter with a stranger.

Saskia and I were inhabiting Room 107. Where we invited our visitor to become a part of the memory of the room.